Artistic Elements

Our in-house collaborative Artistic Design Team consists of talented professionals experienced in multimedia painting, as well as wood, metal and concrete works.  From commissioned paintings to custom furniture and sculptures, our Artistic Elements Division transforms our high quality construction projects into unique and distinctive landmarks.

Artistic Services Include:

  • interior design
  • oil and watercolor painting
  • multi-media art
  • wood
  • custom furniture
  • concrete
  • signage
  • granite
  • inlays
  • decorative concrete
  • sculptures
  • metal
  • faux finishes
  • resin panels and flooring
  • stained glass
  • tile

The process of creating these custom pieces of artistry is dynamic. We understand that design ideas may evolve and change once they take physical form. Our patented Rapid Prototyping Pen and computer aided design software allows us to produce two dimensional, “two scale” images quickly and for a fraction of the full fabrication cost. We create life-size mock-ups to allow our clients to fully visualize the final product, review and edit the design. Our mock-ups provide our clients visual confirmation prior to commencing the fabrication, saving us valuable time and potentially thousands of dollars in materials.